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OPay Swift Code, IBAN Number, Sort Code and Routing Number [Explained]

This article explains the misunderstanding on OPay's International Money Transfer (IMT) perspectives users are having towards the fintech app.
Swift code and BIC code

First and foremost, do understand that OPay is not an International Money Transfer (IMT) bank. OPay is a fintech company in Nigeria offering financial services to the banked and unbanked sectors of Nigeria. The company is licenced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as a Mobile Money Operator (MMO).

A swift code in bank is an international identifier code that can be used by international financial institutions to identify a particular bank. It's used to wire money to particular bank account associated with the swift code.

For example, this UBA Swift Code [UNAFNGLA] comes with a branch code of [005]. The branch code let the international financial institution where the wire transfer want to be done knows the particular branch the money is to be deposited.

The Swift Code is also refers to as BIC code. Some financial institutions call it IBAN Code, while some call it Sort Code. However, it's important to know that Swift Code is different from Routing Number.

A routing number (sometimes referred to as an ABA routing number, short for the American Bankers Association) is a sequence of nine digits code used by banks in the United States. It's mostly at the bottom of checks to identify the financial institution on which it was drawn.

Majorly, Routing Number is available on all US bank account. In fact, if you hold a domiciliary account in Nigeria, it definitely have a routing number. More so, all other International Money Transfer IMT banks in Nigeria that's offering virtual dollar accounts are having routing number.

Hence, the routing number is a 9-digits number that's part of American bank account details. Like Nigerian bank account details that possesses account number, account name and routing number. The American bank account possesses account number, account name, bank name, routing number and account type (checking and savings).

What is OPay Swift Code?

OPay does not have a swift code. The app is a fintech app in Nigeria and currently operating as a mobile money operator (MMO).

OPay only carryout transactions and cater for financial services within Nigeria. You cannot use OPay to receive dollars or any foreign currency in Nigeria.

Hence, OPay is not allowed to have a swift code. Swift Code is only meant to reroute wire transfer to the appropriate bank branch and account in Nigeria. Since OPay doesn't possesses a swift code, it cannot receive any international fund transfer.

However, you can use a third-party agents like Worldremit, MoneyGram and many more to receive dollars and other foreign currencies before it can be converted to naira transferred to your OPay Account/Wallet.

Does OPay have Sort Code?

As mentioned earlier in this page, some banks call SWIFT Code Sort Code. While some financial institutions call it IBAN code. Whatever name you call it, do understand that these codes are not applicable to OPAY.

In other words, OPAY does not have the ability to use these code because it's not or let me say you cannot use OPay to receive money from abroad.

OPAY, PalmPay, and Kudabank cannot be used to receive money from abroad. However, you can use Chipper Cash virtual dollar account to receive money from abroad but it doesn't require a Swift Code or IBAN Code or BIC code or Routing Number.

Previously, Kudabank allows Nigerians in the diaspora to create a UK bank account denominate in Pounds (GBP) but the service has been disabled by the bank to focus mainly on African market where it has dominant presence. Before the service was disabled, Kuda usually have this Swift Code: KUDANGBA234. But after the service has been discontinued, no more Swift Code or IBAN Code for Kudabank.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, OPay does not have a swift code, IBAN number, Sort Code, BIC code or Routing Number. Likewise other Fintech apps in Nigeria like Kuda Bank, PalmPay and Chipper Cash, they solely operate in Nigeria as a financial service providers.

They don't offer international payment services or receive wire transfer from abroad. Hence, OPay is a Mobile Money Operator (MMO) in Nigeria that doesn't have a either a Swift Code or a Routing Number.

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