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How to Switch Accounts on OPay

Here's the step by step guides to switch between two or more OPay accounts in Nigeria.

First and foremost, it's crucial to understand that having more than one or two OPay accounts blatantly violates the fintech's terms and conditions. However, should you find yourself in a situation necessitating the need to switch between accounts, rest assured, it's entirely feasible.

In this guide, we'll comprehensively outline the steps to seamlessly switch between your OPay accounts without risking any penalties or restrictions.

Switching Accounts on OPAY

Follow these meticulously crafted steps to effortlessly transition between your OPay accounts on a single device or phone.

Step 1: Logout from Current OPay Account on Phone

The initial and imperative step in the process of toggling between two OPay accounts on one device is to log out of the current account. Failure to do so may trigger OPay's security protocols, potentially leading to both accounts being restricted.

To execute this step securely, launch your OPay app, navigate to "Me," and tap on "Sign out." This action will promptly redirect you to the login page.

Step 2: Login to the Second OPay Account

Once you've successfully signed out of the current OPay account and landed on the login page, proceed to log in to your second OPay account. 

With this accomplished, you can seamlessly conduct transactions within the app without encountering any issues. You can replicate these steps to effortlessly switch between multiple OPay accounts in Nigeria.

Can I Have Two OPay Accounts?

Per OPay's terms and conditions, maintaining two or multiple OPay accounts is strictly prohibited. However, there exists a workaround to manage multiple accounts without infringing on this policy.

By utilizing distinct personal information such as names, bank verification numbers (BVN), and national identification numbers (NIN), you can circumvent this restriction. Essentially, as long as you can provide separate identification methods for KYC verifications for each account, managing two or multiple OPay accounts becomes feasible without any hindrance.

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