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How to Use Equity Mobile & Equity Online with Western Union in Kenya

Here's how to send and receive international money transfer funds on Equity Mobile and Equity Online using Western Union.
Equity Bank and Western Union

Equity Bank of Kenya has partnered with Western Union, making the International Money Transfer (IMT) service now available on Equity Mobile and Equity Online.

The partnership has now unlocked doors for Equity's customers to sending and receiving money into their Equity Mobile and Equity Online.

Western Union, on the other hand has boasted for over 500,000 agents in 200 nations including Kenya, will use this privilege to offers vast financial reachability and reliability to Equity Bank's customers, letting them to carryout seamless financial transactions with little or no geographical limitations.

Furthermore, with Western Union being deployed on Equity Mobile and Equity Online, sending and receiving money is seamless, fast and easy. Transactions can be carryout conveniently on your internet-connected devices (e.g smartphone or Laptop) anywhere and anytime.

The integration of Western Union on Equity Mobile and Equity Online doesn't forfeit the user-friendly interface on the fintech solution. Rather, it makes it more easy to navigate and use.

In essence, the partnership now gives you access to Western Union services including: D2B (Direct to Bank) Western Union APN service, Pay at Amazon, Western Union Quick Pay, and Western Union Inbound/receive money in Kenya.

Sending and Receiving Money via Western Union

Although this partnership has made it seamless, however, there are requirements imposed. To send or receive payment using Western Union, you must be a verified user of either Equity Mobile or Equity Online.

If you're recovering money through Western Union, you must provide the transaction 10 reference/session ID at Equity Bank to receive your funds.

Having done these, you will be able to receive money from (and send to) over 200 countries through cash pick-up in any Equity Bank branch in Kenya.

IMT Charges

Receiving Money via Western Union to your Equity Mobile or Equity Online does not incur for any transaction charges. However, sending funds to Equity Bank Kenya via Western Union will certainly incur for sending fees.

According to write up by Western Union, "charges associated with the send service are dependent on the receiver’s country."

In order words, you will only know how much charges required to send money via Western Union to Equity Bank in Kenya.


Can Equity Bank receive money from abroad?

Yes, through Western Union, Equity Bank can receive money from over 200 countries worldwide.

Which Bank uses Western Union in Kenya?

Almost all the commercial banks in Kenya including Equity Bank accept Western Union.

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