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Kuda Virtual Card Limits for Local and International Spending

This article explains how you can increase spending limits for your Kuda virtual card.
Kuda Bank virtual card

Kuda virtual card is a naira denominated Visa debit card that can be used to make payment on Nigerian's websites and applications. In other words, the virtual naira card can only be used for web payments accepted in Naira.

However, does Kuda Bank offers virtual dollar card? No, Kuda only offers two different kind of debit cards: physical ATM card and naira virtual card. The Physical Card will be delivered to your doorstep upon request. While the virtual card will be available in your Kuda App Dashboard 15 minutes after request.

Therefore, since there is no dollar virtual card on Kuda platform at the time of this writing, we will only be focusing this guide on Kuda virtual card limit spending for Nigerians.

Kuda Bank Virtual Card Limits

The maximum daily transaction limit for Kuda Bank virtual naira card is N10,000, while the daily withdrawal limit is also N10,000. More so, you should know that you are limited to 10 web transactions per day.

Kuda Virtual Card Limit Increase

Meanwhile, you can certainly increase your Kuda virtual card increase to N500,000 per daily transactions in 10 times.

Kuda Bank virtual card limit increase

Here's how:

  • Login to your Kuda Bank App
  • Tap on "Cards" tab and select "Manage Card"
  • Tap on "Set Limit" and drag the toggle to reach N500,000.

Once that's done, your Kuda Bank virtual card limit per day will increase and you will be able to carry-out more big amount of online transactions per day.

How long does it take to get my Kuda virtual card?

Your naira virtual card will be activated immediately you request for the card. However, it's important that wait for at least 5 hours to use the card for web transactions.


What are the differences between kuda virtual card and physical card?

Kuda virtual card is a naira denominated Visa card that can be used to make payment online in naira. While the Kuda Bank Physical Card is a verve card that can be use for cash withdrawal at any ATMs, POS and also for web purchases in Naira.

Is Kuda virtual card a dollar card?

No, Kuda Bank virtual card is not a dollar card. The virtual card that's currently available on Kuda App is Naira denominated Visa card.

Can I use Kuda virtual card on AliExpress?

No, you cannot use Kuda Bank virtual card on AliExpress because the virtual card is a naira denominated debit card and AliExpress is an international e-commerce website. Kuda Bank Virtual Naira Debit Card can only work for online payment in Naira not in Dollars.

Final words: Kuda Virtual Card Spending Limits

Kuda virtual cards offer convenient and secure spending options, but it's crucial to understand their spending limits. These limits vary depending on your account tier and transaction type.

This article has explained everything you need to know about the Kuda Bank virtual card and how to increase it daily spending limits.

Overall, Kuda virtual cards provide a flexible spending solution, but understanding the limits ensures responsible financial management.

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  1. Nice one. I login to my Kuda Account now to increase my card limit. Thanks for this guide bro.
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