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Bolt Launches in Cairo: Everything You Need To Know

The ride-hailing company will be competing with Uber, DiDi, InDrive and Careem.
Bolt in Cairo

Today, March 4, 2024, Bolt launched its ride-hailing services in Cairo, Egypt. The company launched the services with follow-come incentives program including 15% commission for drivers and 50% payment off rider's trips for the next six months.

Bolt in Cairo come with full force to compete with existing ride-hailing companies like Careem, Uber DiDi and InDrive. Bolt dived fully into the Egyptian market with its standard 15 percent commission for drivers and 50% cut of payment for customers.

Bolt in Cairo is part of the company's mission to investing more than $500 million in Africa Market by the end of 2024. This move has also come after Bolt expanded to Tunis, Tunisia Capital, in 2019, making Cairo the second cities it had dived into in North Africa.

Bolt is hoping to win the North Africa market with it pricing strategy, offering both drivers and customers mouth-watering commissions and discount respectively. While bolt is charginging 15% commission from Drivers, existing ride-hailing companies like Uber and Careem in the city are charging 22% and 33% commission respectively.

Bolt’s entry into Cairo, Egypt makes this its 15th African countries and 2nd in North Africa cities. The company recently launched its services in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. As usual, Bolt is also offering drivers and riders its standard incentive commissions and discounts in these cities.

According to the person assigned to manage Bolt's activities in Egypt, Haitham Mansour, Egypt has emerged as an important market and bolt is hoping to tap from the market through competitive pricing.

Furthermore, Bolt has promised to offer drivers and riders a safe mobility experience. The ride-hailing company has introduced several safety measures and features built in-app to protect drivers and customers. These security features includes:

  1. The SOS Button: This button allows both the bolt driver and the riders to contact the police easily if there's any issues on ground.
  2. In-app Calls: This feature allows Bolt drivers and riders to call and message each other. However, there phone numbers will not be disclosed.
  3. Driver Unmatching: You can use this feature to unmatch your driver or rider if negotiation doesn't collides.
  4. Share My Ride: This feature allows drivers and riders to access to their journey in real-time geography.

However, it's important to note that once a driver accepts a ride, riders can see their driver’s details and track the driver in real time. When the trip is complete, payment is made in cash. Bolt also aims to bring in-app payment soon.

Lastly, Bolt's continual investments into Africa market is aimed at expanding its ride-hailing services across the continent and creating joba opportunities to many youth and adults.

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