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The UBA Prepaid card is not a virtual card

UBA virtual dollar card is not the popular prepaid dollar card everyone knows. So, what's UBA Virtual Card? Here's everything you need to know.
UBA Prepaid Card Explained

United Bank For Africa (UBA) does not provide a virtual cards to customers. Rather, the Nigerian commercial bank offers a prepaid debit cards to active account holders. UBA prepaid card is a pre-funded and reloadable card enabling bill payments and purchases. The card is denominated in United States Dollars (USD).

However, for people looking for how they can get or request for UBA Virtual Cards, I'm now using this opportunity to inform you that UBA is not offering a virtual or an online form of its debit card. The only debit card it's offering that's not attached to customer's bank account is UBA Prepaid Card, otherwise known as UBA Dollar Card.

The UBA Prepaid Card

The UBA Prepaid Card is a reloadable card that comes pre-funded for your convenience. It's perfect for paying bills and making purchases wherever you are. Whether it's everyday shopping or online transactions, sort them out hassle-free with your UBA Prepaid Card.

However, the card works like a debit card, but with a key difference. You can only load money into the card for use, rather than it being linked to a bank account like the normal UBA ATM card.

To get the UBA Prepaid Card, kindly walk into any UBA branch near you with your NIN (or any means of National ID cards) and Nepa Bill. Then request for a Prepaid Card from the customer representative over the counter. The representative will help you with further processes.

The UBA Prepaid Dollar Card is available in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Burkina Faso, Chad, Congo DRC, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

How to Use UBA Prepaid Card

Here are simple and hassle-free ways to put the UBA prepaid card to work in Nigeria.

Loading & Adding Funds: You can add money to the UBA prepaid card in various ways, such as through any UBA branches, UBA mobile banking app (U-Mobile), or online banking platform (U-Direct).

Spending & Making Payment: Once loaded, you can use the UBA prepaid card to make purchases at stores, restaurants, and anywhere else Visa or MasterCard is accepted, both locally and internationally. You can withdraw cash from ATMs using the prepaid card.

Tracking Usage & Managing Account: Unlike our regular debit cards/ATM cards, one can only spend what one have loaded onto the card. This can be a benefit for budgeting purposes, as one won't be able to overspend. In addition, UBA also provides a dedicated card portal, whcih allows you to log in using your Client ID (found on the back of your card) and WebCode (from your PIN mailer) to view your account details and transaction history.

With the card portal, you can activate the UBA Prepaid Card and change car PIN. You can also change the card PIN at any UBA ATMs simply by selecting the "Change PIN" option and follow the on-screen instructions. Lastly, the UBA card portal can also be used to Block/Report lost or stolen card.


In a nutshell, it's important to know that most commercial banks do not offer a virtual card or any online card for making payment. Rather, they can provide a Prepaid cards. Not only the United Bank for Africa (UBA) is offering a prepaid dollar cards in Nigeria, GTBank and other reputable commercial banks in Nigeria are offering a Prepaid Cards in-place of Virtual Cards.

In this modern Nigeria and Africa at large, Fintech companies like Chipper Cash, PayDay, Grey and many more are known for offering Virtual Cards of various forms including MasterCard and VISA cards that come in Naira and Dollar denominations.

These virtual cards can be used to make payment online anywhere naira is accepted for Naira virtual cards and anywhere dollar, euro & pounds are accepted for Dollar virtual card. In essence, instead of  looking for UBA virtual card that's not available yet, you can explore other options like Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar Card.

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