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How to withdraw CashBox's Trial Cash on PalmPay

Here's everything you need to know about CashBox, Trial Cash and how to use and withdraw the interest earnings on PalmPay.
PalmPay Trial Cash

CashBox's Trial Cash is a virtual savings sum that let you earns 16% annual interest and these earnings can be earned by completing daily tasks on your PalmPay Account.

These tasks include transferring money, adding money from bank/agent, logging in daily, and completing advanced tasks like topping up airtime, buying data, and funding a betting wallet.

PalmPay CashBox

Trial Cash must be claimed within 48 hours and earns daily interest for 5 days. However, to earn and claim trial cash interest, you must complete BVN and NIN verification.

CashBox presents a truly adaptable savings account, boasting an attractive annual interest rate of up to 20% p.a. Its standout features lies in its flexibility, enabling you to deposit and withdraw funds at your convenience without any restrictions.

Earning Trial Cash

You can earn Trial Cash by completing daily tasks and advance tasks on your PalmPay Account. Doing these, you can earn over N100,000 trial cash.

Tasks to Earn Trial Cash

1. Transfer to PalmPay Account

You will get up to ₦50,000 trial cash on your first 3 transfers above ₦1,000 to other PalmPay accounts/users daily. The higher the single transaction amount, the higher the trial cash reward earnings.

2. Add Money from Bank/Agent

You will earn up to ₦50,000 trial cash when you add money from your bank/agent to your PalmPay wallet, above ₦1,000 daily. The higher the single transaction amount, the higher your Trial Cash reward.

3. Daily Login

You will get ₦100 trial cash daily by simply visiting the PalmPay Home page at least once a day to complete your Log-in task.

4. Borrow Loan

If you can borrow upto N2,000 per week on Flexi Cash Loan, you will earn N3,000 trial cash on the PalmPay App.

5. Mobile and Data Top-ups

Recharge with over ₦500 airtime to receive ₦1,000 trial cash (Once daily). Furthermore, purchase a data bundle exceeding ₦500 to receive ₦1,000 Trial Cash (Once daily).

6. Fund Betting Wallet

If you deposit over ₦2,000 into any palmpay-supported betting wallets, you will earn ₦2,000 trial cash (Once daily).

Using or Withdrawing Trial Cash

First of all, to use and withdraw your trial cash earnings, you must to redeem your trial cash on the PalmPay's trial cash page within 48 hours of task completion. Each time you redeem and activate Trial Cash, it accrues daily interest at a rate of 16% p.a., valid for 5 days.

For a comprehensive overview of your Trial Cash usage and withdrawal history, simply tap on the Trial Cash balance to access the statement page.

However, to ensure smooth withdraw of your trial cash daily interest earnings, you'll have to set up a CashBox Flexible Savings Account because that's where you earnings will be withdrawn to and available for usage.

Note: keep in mind that to successfully withdraw your Trial Cash and benefit from the additional interest, completion of BVN/ NIN verification is mandatory.

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