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Does Apple Pay works in Canada in 2024?

Yes, Apple Pay does works in Canada and it’s widely accepted at retailer stores, and other businesses across the country. Keep reading to learn more.
Apple Pay in Canada

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that enables users to pay seamlessly in person, within iOS apps, and online.

In Canada, many banks support Apple Pay. You can use many major credit and debit cards from these banks. Simply add your supported cards to Apple Pay to keep enjoying all the rewards, benefits, and security features they offer in the country.

Apple Pay is only compatible with iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, and Apple's Vision Pro in Canada. Through these devices, you can easily pay at any retail stores in Canada that accepts  contactless-enabled point-of-sale terminals without the need for a credit or debit card chip and PIN.

How does Apple Pay works in Canada

Like Google Pay, Apple Pay is a Digital Wallet App. You can simply download it on the iOS app store in Canada. After downloading it, the Apple Pay Wallet App will be built into your iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, iPad and Vision Pro.

You can start using Apple Pay in Canada by adding your credit or debit card to the Wallet app on your iPhone. Once added, you'll have the option to sync it across your other devices in one simple step. Then, when you're ready to pay, just double-click, tap, and you're all set.

Apple Pay works on online retail stores, physical retail stores and other businesses and merchants that accepts contactless payments in Canada.

How to setup Apple Pay in Canada

Kindly follow these steps to setup and start using Apple Pay in Canada:

  • Download the Apple Pay App to your iPhone on Apple app store.
  • Launch the app and setup your profile by adding your credit card or debit card to the wallet app.
  • Once added, the information will be sync across all other apple devices you use under same iCloud.
  • To make payment, just double-click and tap.
  • You can also pay via scanning QR code of a merchant.

In a nutshell, after setting up your Apple Pay Account with acceptable credit/debit card, you can start making payments in Canada without restrictions.

Apple Pay supported Cards in Canada

Literally, Apple Pay supports and accepts MasterCard, VISA Card, American Express Card and Interac Card from all its participating/supporting banks and financial institutions in Canada.

Apple Pay Not Working

There could be several reasons why Apple Pay isn't working for you in Canada. Some of the reasons includes connection issues, outdated wallet app, expired credit/debit card, and issues with your card provider.

However, try checking your internet connection, ensuring your device's software (use the latest iOS version) is up to date, verifying your card details, and contacting your bank if the issue persists.

If you try all these and the issue still persist, we'd suggest you contact Apple Pay customer service in Canada. They'll further assist you with any problems you're encountering with using the Apple Pat's wallet app.

Banks with Apple Pay ATM

Apple Pay participating financial institutions and banks in Canada might have Apple Pay ATM installed at their bank branches. While these information is not certain, we suggest you use Apple Pay ATM Locator to find Apple Pay ATM near you.

In conclusion, Apple Pay works in Canada and it's widely accepted as payment methods especially in online and physical retail stores in the country. If you have any additions or suggestions regarding this article, please feel free to drop it in the comments section below.

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