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TapSwap: Here's how to Mine, Earn and Withdraw the Coin

TapSwap is a DeFi project similar to Notcoin. Just like Notcoin, the TapSwap coin might be worth your time. Here's how to start Mining.

The Nigerian internet space is abuzz with excitement over TapSwap, a new Telegram-based crypto mining project that promises substantial financial returns, reminiscent of the recent success of Notcoin.

Notcoin, a meme coin that skyrocketed in popularity through Telegram, has set a precedent, and now, Nigerians and crypto enthusiasts are eagerly discussing TapSwap as the next major opportunity.

TapSwap is built on the Solana blockchain, and rewards users with Tap tokens (TAPS) simply for tapping their phone screens, making the experience more engaging and game-like. This innovative approach simplifies crypto mining, transforming it into a fun and accessible activity for all.

While Notcoin focused on building a community through Telegram, TapSwap takes it a step further by being a fully functional, Solana-based crypto exchange that offers features like staking and margin trading.

This integration of a game-like experience with a real crypto exchange has significantly boosted TapSwap's popularity in Nigeria, drawing millions to participate for a chance at Crypto riches.

TapSwap is rapidly emerging as a leading project in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, utilizing the Solana blockchain to offer a fast, efficient, and secure platform for cryptocurrency exchange.

If you're curious about the TapSwap mining process, this guide will provide you with all the essential information on how to engage with TapSwap: from playing the game and earning tokens to potentially profiting from this tap-to-earn game.

TapSwap has gained significant traction in Nigeria, with millions of participants involved in the mining process. We will delve into the details of how TapSwap works and explain how interested individuals can join and benefit from this popular project.

What is TapSwap?

TapSwap is a rapidly growing project in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, leveraging the Solana blockchain to create a fast, efficient, and secure platform for cryptocurrency exchange. Unlike traditional crypto mining projects, TapSwap offers a unique tap-to-earn model, where users can earn Tap tokens (TAPS) simply by tapping their phone screens in a game-like mode on Telegram.

This blockchain's innovative approach makes crypto mining more accessible and enjoyable, attracting a diverse user base. In addition to its engaging mining process, TapSwap functions as a fully operational crypto exchange with advanced features such as staking and margin trading, further enhancing its appeal and utility.

The popularity of TapSwap has surged in Nigeria, where millions of people are participating in the mining process, drawn by the promise of significant financial returns. The project builds on the success of Notcoin, a meme coin that gained massive traction through Telegram, but goes a step further by integrating a functional exchange with the gamified mining experience.

This combination has created a buzz in the Nigerian crypto community, as TapSwap not only offers a fun and less technical entry into crypto mining but also provides real opportunities for trading and earning within the DeFi ecosystem.

NotCoin and TapSwap

Both Notcoin and TapSwap employ phone-based mining games to engage users, but their primary distinction lies in the underlying blockchain technology they utilize. Notcoin operates on the Ton Blockchain, whereas TapSwap harnesses the power of the Solana Network.

Although, we don't know much about the people behind TapSwap, despite that, the TapSwap project has gathered an impressive worldwide community of 20 million members. This is even more than Notcoin, which has 6.5 million users on Telegram. So, in this other dimension, TapSwap is the biggest group on Telegram right now.

How TapSwap works

TapSwap operates through a user-friendly interface on Telegram, where participants engage in a tapping game to earn Tap tokens (TAPS). The concept is simple: as you tap on the designated icon within the Telegram bot, you accumulate TAPS tokens.

It's akin to a tapping competition where the more you tap, the higher your score and the greater your token rewards. This gamified approach to crypto mining eliminates the need for specialized hardware or technical know-how, making it accessible to a wider audience.

To get started with TapSwap, you interact with the Telegram bot, tapping repeatedly to accumulate points that determine your ranking among other participants. However, the project's token launch is rumored for May 30, providing ample opportunity for newcomers to join the tapping frenzy.

TapSwap Token

Additionally, similar to features in mobile games, TapSwap offers boosters and tasks that you can unlock to enhance your earnings. Furthermore, inviting friends to play adds a social aspect to the experience and rewards both parties with bonus referral tokens.

The overarching objective of TapSwap is to amass as many TAPS tokens as possible. These tokens hold value within the Solana Blockchain ecosystem, and you can exchange them for other assets or utilize them within various decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

Tap Tokens

The primary aim of participating in TapSwap is to accumulate as many Tap tokens as possible, which can later be exchanged for real Tap tokens ($TAP) once TapSwap launches its coin on the Solana blockchain later this month.

Unlike Notcoin, TapSwap boasts a limited supply of 1 billion Tap tokens, potentially increasing their long-term value. Here's how these tokens will be distributed:

  • 50% is allocated to active community members, incentivizing participation through activities like tapping.
  • 30% is earmarked for the TapSwap treasury, designated for the platform's development and enhancement.
  • And the remaining 20% is divided among the TapSwap team, advisors, and reserves for liquidity, facilitating easier buying and selling of Tap tokens.

As the official currency within the TapSwap ecosystem, the Tap token ($TAP) serves multiple purposes, including facilitating transactions and granting users a voice in platform governance. Although the exact price of Tap tokens has yet to be determined, some estimates place their value at around ₦1.5 to ₦1.7 per token.

How to Mine and Earn Tap Tokens

Follow these steps to beign mining and earning Taps tokens with TapSwap:

  • Open your Telegram app. If you don't have an account with Telegram, you can download the Telegram messaging app from either the Google Play Store or the AppStore depending on your mobile phone operating system.
  • To activate the TapSwap Bot, simply follow this link and it will direct you to the TapSwap Telegram Bot, connecting you instantly.
  • Now, get started by following the instructions from the bot and prepare to tap your screen. With each tap, you earn points that contribute to your overall score and position among other players.

In a nutshell, your level and ranking in the player league are determined by the number of taps you accumulate. This process is purely tap-to-earn, offering a straightforward way to earn rewards.

More ways to Earn TapSwap Coins

Here's a helpful tip to earn more quickly: Go to the "tasks" section in the bot. You might find a task called "join our socials." Do those three tasks on social media, like following their channels. After that, go back to the "tasks" section and click "check." You should get 200,000 extra coins for completing them. For even more coins, check out the "boost" section. There, you might see an option to buy a "bot for 200,000 coins," which could help you tap automatically.

How to withdraw/transfer TapSwap Coins to your Wallet

When you're ready to transfer your TapSwap coins, there are a few simple steps to follow. First, ensure you've accumulated enough Taps tokens by using the Telegram bot. Once you've met the required amount, the next step is to wait for the launch and check the swap rates.

Once TapSwap launches officially, you can convert your Taps tokens into official Tap ($TAP) tokens on the Solana blockchain. This process involves exchanging your earned tokens for the official currency of the TapSwap ecosystem, which holds value within the Solana network.

After converting your Taps tokens to $TAP tokens, it's important to store them securely. This is where a compatible Solana wallet comes into play. By moving your $TAP tokens to a Solana wallet, you ensure their safety and accessibility.

Solana wallets are designed to store Solana-based tokens securely, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your earnings are protected. Once your $TAP tokens are safely stored in your wallet, you can choose to hold onto them as an investment or use them for various transactions within the TapSwap ecosystem.

FAQs on TapSwap

When is TapSwap Launch Date?

There isn't a specific date mentioned for the launch of TapSwap. However, it's noted that the token launch is rumored to occur by May 30th. Therefore, the launch of TapSwap could potentially happen around that time, but exact details may vary. You can join their community on Telegram to stay up to date on the matter.

Is TapSwap Legit?

While we cannot say whether the crypto project is Legit or Not, determining the legitimacy of TapSwap project involves conducting thorough research and considering various factors. While TapSwap may have garnered attention and popularity, it's essential to assess several aspects before drawing conclusions about its legitimacy.

Factors to consider include the transparency of the project team, the functionality of the platform, user reviews and experiences, regulatory compliance, security measures, and the project's roadmap and long-term viability.

Additionally, seeking out independent reviews and conducting due diligence can help provide a more comprehensive understanding of TapSwap's legitimacy.

Why is TapSwap Not Opening?

There were reports that TapSwap was banned in Nigeria, but TapSwap itself clarified that it wasn't a ban. The reason provided by TapSwap was to counter DDoS attacks originating from the region. DDoS attacks can overload a system and make it unavailable for legitimate users. TapSwap planned to lift the restrictions once their infrastructure improvements were complete.

While some people believed this meant a ban, some Nigerians are using VPNs of access the Tokens.

Is TapSwap still working?

As per TapSwap, Yes, the tap-to-earn game is still working. TapSwap claimed it was due to verification measures to fight DDoS attacks that's why the project isn't working for many miners for now.

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