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How to use Linkedin's "Open To Work” Badge to get a new Job

Here's how to elevate your LinkedIn profile, from utilizing the 'Open To Work' badge to refining your 'About' section, for new jobs to come in.
Linkedin Open To Work

The "Open to Work" feature on LinkedIn allows users to signal to recruiters and their network that they are actively seeking new job opportunities. This can help increase visibility to potential employers and streamline the job search process.

In this article, we will walk you through ultimate guides to using Linkedin to get a job. From using the ‘Open To Work’ badge, to updating your ‘About’ section, here’s how to make your profile stand out on LinkedIn.

In the wake of pandemic-induced job losses, LinkedIn introduced its game-changing "Open to Work" feature, offering a beacon of hope for millions seeking employment.

But beyond its visual cue of a green circle and hashtag, the feature holds immense potential for job seekers, revolutionizing the way recruiters connect with Job seekers.

How Linkedin's Open-To-Work Works

If you're a frequent user of Linkedin, chances are you've come across numerous connections badging the green banner on their profile picture, signaling their quest for new career opportunities.

By opting into the Open to Work feature, you catapult yourself to the forefront of recruiters' searches.

Whether they scout talent for corporate giants or independent agencies, recruiters scour LinkedIn daily, and with this feature, you're guaranteed priority placement.

It's a direct line of communication, signaling your availability and eagerness for new opportunities.

Using the Open-To-Work on Linkedin

Activating the Open to Work feature is a breeze. Simply navigate to your profile picture, click "view profile," and locate your introduction card.

From there, hit the "Open" button and furnish the requisite details. You have the option to tailor visibility settings—open to all LinkedIn members or exclusively to recruiters.

However, a word of caution: if you're currently employed, tread carefully. While LinkedIn endeavors to maintain discretion, it's not foolproof, potentially risking an awkward situation with your employer.

What you should know

While the Open to Work feature serves as a powerful tool, it's not a magic bullet. Crafting a compelling LinkedIn profile is paramount.

Optimize it with relevant keywords, ensuring alignment with desired job roles. Your headline, summary, and recent experiences should resonate with recruiters, positioning you as an ideal candidate.

Despite its merits, the Open to Work feature has sparked debates. Some view it as desperate, potentially deterring recruiters.

However, experts advocate its strategic use. Should you find it ineffective, it's easily reversible. Remember, it's just one facet of your job search strategy.

Beyond toggling the Open to Work switch, bolster your profile with a professional headshot. Engage actively by posting and interacting with content, fostering a robust network and bolstering credibility. Networking on LinkedIn is a skill that improves with practice—consistency yields results.

In essence, LinkedIn's Open to Work feature is a game-changer in the job hunt landscape, offering unparalleled visibility to eager job seekers.

Strategic implementation, coupled with a polished profile and proactive networking, can pave the way to your next career milestone. So, seize the opportunity, activate the feature, and embark on your journey to new professional horizons.

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