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Boundless Pay: Everything You Need To Know

Boundless Pay is a digital banking platform simplifying cross-border payments and settlements for Africans and Diasporan Africans.
Boundless Pay's Teams

BoundlessPay is a mobile application offering global digital banking services. It tackles remittance and payment challenges by leveraging blockchain technology to facilitate secure and efficient cross-border transactions.

According Boundless Pay CEO Franklin Peters, Boundless Pay's mission is to interconnect Africans to digitally-driven global e-commerce, leveraging Web3 technology to build an affordable, fast, and easy-to-use payment platform.

Founded in 2021 with a computer science background at the helm, BoundlessPay aims to connect Africans to the global e-commerce landscape through digital solutions. Their mission centers on building an affordable, fast, and user-friendly payment platform powered by Web3 technologies.

Boundless Features:

  • Global Transactions: BoundlessPay uses USD-pegged stablecoins, like USDT and Cardano USDA, to streamline international payments. These digital currencies are pegged to the US dollar, offering a stable alternative way to store and spend money anywhere.
  • Virtual Cards and Accounts: BoundlessPay provides virtual USD cards and accounts, allowing you to make purchases and manage your funds globally just like you would with a traditional bank account.
  • Fast and Secure Currency Conversions: BoundlessPay allows you to seamlessly convert between fiat currencies (like USD or Euros) and cryptocurrencies within seconds. This makes it easy to switch between different currencies depending on your needs.
  • Bill Payments: Boundless Pay makes airtime, data, and bill payments easily and instantly. BoundlessPay also lets you top up, pay bills such as electricity and water bills, and manage all your everyday payments instantly, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Boundless Pay App

You can simply download the Boundless Pay Mobile App on Google Playstore for Android device and Apple Appstore for iOS device. With the Boundless Pay App, you can open an account, and access all the platform features. In a nutshell, BoundlessPay App positions itself as a one-stop shop for managing your finances globally, with an emphasis on speed, security and convenience.

Boundless Pay Review

BoundlessPay CEO, Franklin Peters, highlights the transformative potential of Web3 technology. By leveraging Web3 tools, BoundlessPay aims to eliminate limitations on cross-border transactions. This vision translates to a user-friendly experience: anyone, anywhere, can access a secure multi-currency wallet with valuable features like bill payments and currency exchanges.

Peters acknowledges the frustrations faced with conventional Web2 platforms for cross-border transactions. Often, these platforms are hindered by restrictive government regulations. BoundlessPay was created specifically to address this issue. It offers a Web3-based solution that prioritizes security and eliminates unnecessary hassles.

Peters emphasizes the importance of collaboration. Through strategic partnerships with global organizations, BoundlessPay empowers users with improved international money transfer options and instant settlement capabilities. This commitment to partnerships ensures a robust and efficient financial experience.

Lastly, Peters also recognizes the limitations of existing financial systems in Africa, particularly for the underbanked population. Despite the rise of fintech and mobile money, cross-border transactions remain a challenge due to strict regulations. BoundlessPay addresses this issue by providing a trusted and instant forex service readily available to everyone, regardless of income level. This focus on financial inclusion is a core principle of BoundlessPay's mission.

Is Boundless Pay Legit?

Yes, Boundless Pay is a legit and secure cross-border remittance platform. Here's why; Boundless Pay focuses on blockchain technology for secure transactions which aligns with industry standards. Furthermore, the payment platform address a genuine need for user-friendly cross-border transactions, particularly in Africa. Boundless Pay is also a registered company with the Corperate Affair Commission (CAC) with the business name: Boundless Nexus Ltd. (NG) 1879093.

In addition, Boundless Pay have physical offices in Lagos Nigeria at Vatebra Tech Hub, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ajiwe, Ajah, Eti-Osa, Lagos State, Nigeria, and Dubia, UAE at 403 Oxford Building, Jumeriah Village Circle (JVC), Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

However, we haven't seen any prove that Boundless Pay is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) or insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Company (NDIC) or approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Nigeria. You can contact Boundless Pay customer service through Email:

Lastly, BoundlessPay's legitimacy is further strengthened by their recent funding from EMURGO Africa's Adaverse, a recognized investor in the Cardano blockchain space. This investment signifies industry recognition of BoundlessPay's technology and its potential to revolutionize cross-border payments.

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