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How to Fix "0 Clicks" Issues on Google AdSense

Many AdSense publishers are facing 0 clicks issues due to invalid traffics. Here's how to solve this problem.
How to fix 0 click issues on Google AdSense

Many Google AdSense publishers and website owners complain that they're having 0 click on their AdSense account despite the amount of pageviews and ads impressions they're having per day. However, fixing "0 Clicks" issues on Google AdSense involves addressing several potential areas that might be causing the problem. So, what's causing 0 click on AdSense Account?

0 Click Issue on AdSense - Causes

Although, Google AdSense announced in November 2023 that it'll move it payment mode for publishers from cost-per-click (CPC) to cost-per-impression (CPM). But, this is likely not the issue causing 0 click on AdSense.

The main issue causing 0 click on AdSense accounts is "Invalid Traffics". Invalid traffic on AdSense refers to any activity that artificially inflates ad impressions or clicks. Google AdSense takes invalid traffic very seriously as it undermines the integrity of the advertising ecosystem, leading to potential revenue loss and No-clicks for advertisers and publishers. Here are some common types of invalid traffic:

  • Click generated by publisher such as self clicks and incentivized clicks.
  • Automated traffics such as Bots and Click Farms i.e, groups of people hired to click on ads repeatedly.
  • Accidental Clicks: Misleading Ad Placements i.e, placing ads in a way that leads to accidental clicks, such as too close to navigational buttons or other clickable elements.
  • Irrelevant traffics or Non-targeted traffics source such as using services or techniques that drive large volumes of untargeted traffic to your site, leading to low engagement and invalid clicks.
  • Ads Staking such as placing multiple ads on top of each other so that a single click registers multiple clicks.
  • Hidden Ads such as Ads that are not visible to users but still generate impressions and clicks.

If you have engage in any of these Invalid Traffics, it's likely your AdSense account get flagged by Google which is typically causing 0-Clicks issues on your Google AdSense Account.

Fixing "0 Clicks" Issues on Google AdSense

First of all, keep in mind that the 0-click issues on your Google AdSense account will be auto-fixed once you address the Invalid Traffic your AdSense account was flagged for. "How can I know the type of Invalid Traffic my account is flagged for" is the most likely question you'd ask.

Well, you don't have to know the type of Invalid Traffics your AdSense Account is flagged for. All you have to do is address all the possible types of invalid traffics you know and make sure you're getting traffic organic traffics.

Here's how to address some common types of invalid traffic:

  1. Monitor Your Traffic Sources: Use tools like Google Analytics to monitor your traffic sources and ensure they are legitimate. The thing you don't understand is that Google AdSense understand your traffics and visitors' behaviors more than how Google Analytics can show you. Hence, avoid using traffic sources that promise quick or easy traffic boosts.
  2. Ad Placement Best Practices: Follow AdSense policies for ad placement to avoid accidental clicks. That's, ensure ads are placed in areas of your website that make sense contextually and are not misleading.
  3. Use Ad-Fraud Detention Tools: Implement tools and services such as MonetizeMore's Traffic Cop that detect and filter out bot traffic and other forms of invalid traffic. Although the MonetizeMore Traffic Cop is a paid version and if you're looking for free tools, you can toggle-ON Clodflare's Fight Bot.
  4. Regularly Review AdSense Reports: Regularly check your AdSense account for any unusual activity, such as sudden spikes in CTR (Click-Through Rate) or traffic from unfamiliar sources. Also, never ask or incentivize users to click on ads. This includes direct requests, offering rewards, or suggesting that clicking on ads supports your site. You should also keep up to date with AdSense policies and guidelines to ensure your site remains compliant.
  5. Implement CAPTCHA: Use CAPTCHA on forms and sign-ups to prevent automated bots from generating fake traffic.

By understanding and addressing these aspects of invalid traffic, you can protect your AdSense account from penalties and ensure that your traffic and clicks are legitimate. This helps maintain the integrity of your advertising efforts and builds trust with advertisers.

Once you've addressed the Invalid Traffics, then you can proceed to restoring your clicks. Here's how you can fix 0-clicks issues on your AdSense Account:

Step1: Reduce Number of Display Ads

First thing first is to reduce the numbers of "Display Ads" showing on your website to three (3). The image below highlight the type of ads that are display ads on AdSense.

Google AdSense Display Ads

Reducing the number of display ads on your website can significantly decrease the likelihood of encountering invalid traffic. Invalid traffic includes any interactions with ads that are not genuine, such as accidental clicks, clicks from automated bots, or clicks incentivized through misleading practices. A website cluttered with ads increases the chances of these invalid interactions occurring, which can lead to issues with your AdSense account, including 0-clicks or potential suspension.

With fewer ads on your site, each ad can be placed more strategically, reducing the likelihood of accidental clicks. When ads are placed too close to navigation buttons, images, or other interactive elements, users may click on them unintentionally. By limiting the number of ads, you can ensure they are positioned in locations where genuine engagement is more likely, thus minimizing the chances of accidental clicks and the resulting invalid traffic.

Additionally, a site with fewer ads is less attractive to automated scripts and bots designed to generate fake impressions and clicks. These malicious activities often target websites with numerous ads to maximize their impact. By reducing the number of display ads, you lower the incentive for such bots to target your site, thereby decreasing the volume of invalid traffic. This proactive approach not only protects your AdSense account from potential penalties such as 0-clicks but also ensures that your ad interactions are more legitimate and valuable.

To reduce the amount of AdSense ads showing on your website, kindly login to your website's backend and disable some ads in the header and other sections of your site, leaving ads in the inside-post to maximum of three. Furthermore, login to your AdSense and archived those ads codes you've disabled on your website.

Step2: Activate Intent-driven Ad Formats

Intent-driven formats in Google AdSense refer to ad types that are specifically designed to match the intentions and interests of users, based on their online behavior, search queries, and interactions. These formats aim to deliver highly relevant ads to users, thereby enhancing engagement and improving the effectiveness of advertising.

Activating intent-driven Format Ads on Google AdSense Account

The Intent-driven Formats Ads are not affected by the 0-click flags. If users click on this ad on your website, the click will surely be recorded and count. However, to activate this ad format, login to your AdSense account and navigate to the "Auto Ads" settings page. On the page, click on "Intent-driven Formats" and check-in all the three box to activate the ad format on your website.

Note: Do note remove the AdSense's auto ads code from your site header. This will automatically implement the Intent-driven Format Ads in an appropriate place on your website.

Once the Intent-driven ad is activated on your website, it'll leverage data about users' previous searches, site visits, and other online activities to infer their current interests and intents. For example, if a user has been searching for travel destinations, they might see ads related to flights, hotels, or vacation packages.

Step3: Enable "Related Search" Ad

Related Search ads on Google AdSense are a type of ad format designed to enhance user experience by displaying ads related to the content users are currently viewing or searching for on your website. These ads help to connect users with more relevant advertisements, potentially increasing engagement and ad performance.

Like the Intent-driven Formats, Related Search Ad is also not affected by the 0-click flags. So, if your visitors/users click on it, the click will actually count and record. Furthermore, Related Search Ad Format will be implemented on your website via the Auto-Ads code once you enables it.

Activating "Related Search" Ad on Google AdSense

To enable the Related Search Ad, kindly login to your AdSense account and navigate to "Auto-ad" settings page. On the page, click on "In-page Formats" and check-in "Related Search Box" to activate it. Related Search Ad alignment with search intent makes the ads more likely to be clicked on since they are directly relevant to what the user is looking for.

Fixing AdSense Click Problems (Video Tuturial)

Additional Tips

The Google AdSense's "Optimize Existing Ads"option should be optimized to 50%. You know the amount of Display Ads on your site have been minimized to three per page. Hence, the ad optimizer should be reduce to 50% and below.

Furthermore, all the Auto Ads settings can be enable. Just make sure the optimizer is below 50% as it's in the image above.

Once all these steps are completed, you'll start getting clicks from Intent-driven ads and Related search ads pending the time the 0-click bug is auto-fixed on your AdSense account. While the issues still persist on your account, you'll never get any clicks from Display Ads even if your visitors are clicking.

Here's how Related Search Ads and Intent-driven Ads will be shown on your website:

How "Related Search Ad" and Intent-driven Format Ads" are showing on websites

However, while getting clicks from Intent-driven ads and Related search ads, always adhere to addressing all types of Invalid Traffics on your website to haste the process of auto-fixing the 0-click issues on your Display Ads.

The Bottom Line

0-click or No click issues on AdSense account is likely caused by Invalid Traffics. If Google detect invalid traffics on your website, the system will flag your account with 0-click penalty. Even if your visitors are clicking ads, it won't count.

However, to solve this issue, you must address any form of invalid traffics on your website. Next, reduce the number of display ads on your page to three and activate related search and intent-driven ads formats on your account.

Related Search Ads and Intent-driven Format Ads are the only ads type that are not affected by the 0-click bugs/flags. While waiting for your display ads click issue to auto-fixed after addressing all the form of invalid traffics on your site, you can keep getting clicks and revenue from Related Search Ads and Intent-driven Ads. Display Ads, on the other hand, will also generate CPM revenue for you untill the error is auto-fixed.

Let's know you opinion in the comments section, and if you've once encounter this problems have been solved, let's know how to could able to solve. Help other publishers by dropping the well-detailed explanation in the comments section below.

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