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Moniepoint ATM Cards: How to Get, Activate and Use

Here's how to request Moniepoint ATM Card and get it delivered and how to activate it.
Moniepoint ATM Card Picture
Moniepoint ATM Card Picture

The Moniepoint ATM cards are debit cards issued by the financial technology company to account holders who use it to manage their day to day personal and business expenditures. These cards are linked to a Moniepoint business and personal accounts and allows users to perform various financial transactions via web, ATM and POS.

Moniepoint offers two types of debit cards; The Personal Debit Card and The Business Expense Card. The Personal Debit Card is linked to a Moniepoint personal account while the Business Expense Card is issued to business owners who use it to manage their day to day business expenditures.

Hence, every Moniepoint account holders (either business account or personal account) are entitled to a debit card. The Moniepoint ATM Cards can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs nationwide, and make purchases at retail stores and outlets that accept card payments.

The Moneipoint Debit Cards can also be used for online shopping and bill payments on e-commerce platforms. You can also use the card to check your Moniepoint account balance and transfer at ATMs or via mobile banking apps. Furthermore, you can effortlessly track, reconcile, and set transaction limits on business and personal spending with Moniepoint debit cards.

That's just to mention few of the benefits of the Moniepoint ATM Cards. Overall, the Moniepoint ATM card is designed to offer users easy and secure access to their funds, facilitating smooth and efficient financial transactions.

How to request Moniepoint Debit Card

Moniepoint Personal Debit Card

To request a Moniepoint Debit Card for your personal account, you will need to log in to your Moniepoint mobile app or online banking platform. Navigate to the 'Card Services' section and select 'Request a Debit Card.' Fill in the required personal details and confirm your mailing address.

Once the request is submitted, Moniepoint will process it, and the debit card will be created. You will receive a notification when your card is ready, and it will be delivered to your registered address within a specified timeframe.

The price for a Moniepoint Personal Debit Card is approximately ₦1000. Make sure that you fund your Personal Account with a minimum of ₦1000 to cover the for the Card issuance and logistic (delivery fee).

Moniepoint Business Expense Card

For a business account, the process is quite similar. Log in to your Moniepoint business account via the mobile app or online platform. Go to the 'Business Services' or 'Card Services' section and choose 'Request a Business Debit Card.' Provide the necessary business information, including the business address for delivery.

After submitting the request, Moniepoint will process it and issue the debit card. You will be notified upon card issuance, and it will be delivered to your business address. Both personal and business card requests ensure secure and convenient delivery to your doorstep.

However, make sure that you deposit at least ₦1,500 into your Business Account to obtain the Expense Card. This amount includes ₦1,000 for the card issuance fee and ₦500 for logistics. Expect delivery of your expense card to your doorstep within 48 hours.

How to activate Moniepoint ATM Card

Once your Moniepoint card arrives, the next step is activation. Simply open the Moniepoint app and find the "Card" section. From there, select "Activate" to begin the activation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete activation smoothly.

Once activated, your card is ready to be used for both physical and online purchases, offering convenience and flexibility in managing your transactions.

Moniepoint ATM Card Limit

The Moniepoint ATM cards typically have limits that can vary based on the type of account and specific terms set by Moniepoint. These limits generally cover daily withdrawal limits at ATMs, daily spending limits at POS terminals, and maximum transaction amounts for both withdrawals and purchases.

Furthermore, the limit on your Moniepoint ATM card also varies according to your level of KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. Moniepoint offers different KYC Levels for personal account and business account. Learn more about Moniepoint Account Limits and Upgrades here.

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