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How to start a career at Moniepoint

Here's how to get hired/recruited into the Moniepoint workforce and start a career with the fastest-growing fintech company in Africa.
Moniepoint Remote Jobs

Moniepoint offers diverse career opportunities across various roles and teams, making it an excellent place for professionals to grow and thrive. Here’s a guide on how to start your career at Moniepoint, covering the types of roles available, the benefits you can enjoy, and the interview process.

Moniepoint Careers and Available Roles

Moniepoint provides a range of positions across different departments and locations. Here are some of the key roles you can explore:

Fraud and Compliance

  • Access Control Officer (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Fraud Analyst (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Fraud Prevention Lead (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • KYC/Due Diligence Officer (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Deputy MLRO, Risk and Compliance (London, UK)
  • Team Lead, KYC/Due Diligence (Lagos, Nigeria)

Finance and Accounting

  • Corporate Finance Analyst (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Corporate Finance Manager (Lagos, Nigeria)

Business Operations

  • Business Operations Manager (Monnify Payment Gateway) (Lagos, Nigeria)

Customer Success

  • Moniepoint Customer Success (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Moniepoint Customer Success (Osun, Nigeria)

Data Engineering

  • Data Analyst (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Data Engineer (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Data Steward (Lagos, Nigeria)

Field Credit and Verification

  • Field Credit Officer (Various Locations across Nigeria)
  • Field Verification Officer (Various Locations across Nigeria)

Engineering and Development

  • Flutter Developer (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Senior Flutter Developer (London, UK)
  • Frontend Engineer (Angular and React) (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Senior Frontend Engineer (React) (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Senior Frontend Engineer (React) (London, UK)
  • Mobile Architect (London, UK)
  • Enterprise Architect (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Enterprise Architect (London, UK)
  • Frontend Architect (London, UK)
  • UI/UX Product Designer (Lagos, Nigeria)

Other Roles

  • CRM Manager (London, UK)
  • Data Steward (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Technical Support Engineer (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Legal Counsel (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • POS Technician (Various Locations across Nigeria)
  • Regional Marketing Specialist (Various Regions in Nigeria)
  • Learning and Development Specialist (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Social Media Manager (London, UK)

Benefits of Joining Moniepoint

Moniepoint offers a range of benefits to its employees, ensuring a supportive and rewarding work environment. These benefits include:

  • Work from Anywhere and Remote Job: Flexibility to work from any location including working from home.
  • Pension and Salary: Moniepoint offers competitive salary packages and retirement savings plan that are designed to attract and retain top talent across various roles and departments. While specific salary ranges and retirement plans can vary depending on the position, level of experience, and location, the fintech ensures that its compensation is in line with industry standards and provides additional benefits such as health insurance, pension plans, and paid leave.
  • Paid Leave Days: Moniepoint provides generous paid time off to its employees.
  • Health Insurance: Comprehensive health coverage.
  • Portfolio of Projects that Matter: In addition, Moniepoint employees have the opportunities to work on impactful projects, and can be able to showcase it to the world.

Moniepoint Recruitment and Interview Process

Moniepoint’s recruitment/hiring process is structured to identify the best talent through a series of steps designed to evaluate your skills and fit for the organization. Here are the Moniepoint 2024 recruitment procedures:

  1. Step 1, Preliminary Phone Screen: An initial call with the recruitment team to confirm your profile details and assess your qualifications and communication skills.
  2. Step 2, Technical Assessment/Case Study Interview: Depending on the role, you’ll undergo a technical assessment or case study to evaluate your problem-solving abilities and technical expertise.
  3. Step 3, Panel Interview: A comprehensive interview with the team to discuss your work experience and how you can contribute to Moniepoint’s goals.
  4. Step 4, Executive/Final Interview: A meeting with a key executive team member to ensure you align with Moniepoint’s values and vision. Successful candidates receive an offer letter.


Embarking on a journey with Moniepoint careers in Nigeria means joining a forward-thinking company dedicated to innovation and excellence. Moniepoint offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package, ensuring that employees are well-compensated and supported in their roles.

The Moniepoint Recruitment 2024 initiative highlights the company’s commitment to attracting top talent across various fields, with opportunities for remote jobs that provide flexibility and work-life balance.

Whether you are seeking to advance your career in finance, engineering, customer success, or any other domain, Moniepoint provides a dynamic environment for professional growth and achievement. Explore the exciting career opportunities at Moniepoint and take the first step towards a rewarding future.

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