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Moniepoint ATM Access: A Guide to Using ATM.Moniepoint.Com

Here's everything you need to know about ATM.Moniepoint.Com and how to use it in Nigeria.
ATM Moniepoint to Manage all your Transaction

Moniepoint is a Nigerian financial technology company (fintech) offering mobile banking solutions to individuals and businesses. The fintech firm provide access to all services including Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) cards through it online portal, ATM.Moniepoint.Com.

However, not only cards functions can be done using ATM.Moniepoint.Com, this article explores using ATM.Moniepoint.Com to manage your Moniepoint personal and business account, especially if you're a Moniepoint POS Agent.

What is ATM.Moniepoint.Com?

ATM.Moniepoint.Com is a secure online platform designed to allow Moniepoint account holders to access their funds and manage their account. It functions similarly to Legacy.Moniepoint.Com but with an advance features.

Legacy.Moniepoint.Com is the older version of Moniepoint secure online platform that allows Moniepoint users to login and manage their account. Now, ATM.Moniepoint.Com is here to take the position.

With ATM.Moniepoint.Com URL, you can Login to Moniepoint, Recover Username, Create Accounts, Recover Lost Password, Setup Profile, Create ATMs Card, Create Virtual cards, Manage POS Transactions, Reset POS PIN and many others.

Who can use ATM.Moniepoint.Com?

This online ATM.Moniepoint service is available to anyone with a registered Moniepoint account. If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so easily through the Moniepoint app or website.

What can you do on ATM.Moniepoint.Com?

Similar to a Legacy.Moniepoint.Com or Moniepoint.Com URL, ATM.Moniepoint.Com allows you to perform several essential transactions, including:

  • Cash withdrawals: Access your Moniepoint account balance and withdraw cash from any in-network ATM.
  • Balance inquiries: Check your current account balance conveniently.
  • Pin change: Modify your Moniepoint PIN for added security. (Remember, never share your PIN with anyone),

Among others.

Benefits of using ATM.Moniepoint.Com

1. Convenience: Through the URL, you can manage your Moniepoint account 24/7 from any device with internet access, eliminating the need to find a physical location.

2. Security: You will access to leverage Moniepoint's advanced security protocols for safe and secure transactions.

3. Flexibility: If you're an agent, you can enjoy the hassle-free of using Atm.Moniepoint.Com to manage your POS terminal, create Moniepoint accounts for customers and issue debit cards with just your internet-connected smartphone.

How to use ATM.Moniepoint.Com

  • Visit ATM.Moniepoint.Com on your web browser. Preferably, Login on Chrome browser.
  • Enter your Moniepoint registered phone number or username and proceed.
  • You may be prompted for a one-time password (OTP) sent to your phone number for additional security.
  • Once logged in, select your desired transaction (cash withdrawal, balance check, etc.)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your transaction.

However, it's important to be cautious of public computers and ensure a secure internet connection when using ATM.Moniepoint.Com.

Additionally, never share your login credentials or PIN with anyone, and report any suspicious activity of your account to Moniepoint immediately.

What you should know

It's important to also let you know that ATM.MONIEPOINT.COM is not an ATMs or any Moniepoint Debit Card. It's a secure URL that allows all Moniepoint users to manage their account via web and online.

The URL is just like managing your Moniepoint Account on the Moniepoint Personal Banking App or Moniepoint Business/Agent Banking App. And of course, the ATM.Moniepoint.Com have more advance features and give you more control over your Moniepoint Account than applications.


ATM.Moniepoint.Com offers a convenient and secure way to manage your Moniepoint account through through smartphone. It's the newest version of Legacy.Moniepoint.Com.

If you're a Moniepoint user, this online platform provides an additional layer of flexibility and ease for your everyday banking needs. Remember to prioritize security measures when using online banking services.

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