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Legacy Moniepoint is now ATM Moniepoint

Here's everything you need to know about Legacy Moniepoint and ATM Moniepoint.
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ATM Moniepoint's Interface

If you're familiar with Moniepoint, a leading Nigerian fintech platform, encountering "Legacy Moniepoint" might raise questions. This article delves into what Legacy Moniepoint signifies and its role in the Moniepoint ecosystem.

Legacy Moniepoint is an older version of the Moniepoint platform. It's a web-based platform that consist the login page with username and password fields.

The Legacy Moniepoint is now rebranded to ATM Moniepoint and can be found at However, the Legacy Moniepoint can be accessed via

The login page doesn't specify user types, but the "Agents" section on the same website suggests it might be relevant for managing agents involved in the Moniepoint ecosystem. This is further supported by the extensive details required for agent registration, including identification documents, loans and contact information.

Legacy Moniepoint Login

In those days when Legacy.Moniepoint.Com was the major url to access all Moniepoint services, personal account holders and business account holders e.g POS agents used their unique password to login via

The Legacy Moniepoint is not entirely showdown. The existence of "Legacy" suggests a newer version is available. If you try to login your Moniepoint Account or POS via, you will be redirected to

However, when Legacy Moniepoint surges recently, there's some debate online regarding Legacy Moniepoint's connection to GTBank's infrastructure. Moniepoint denies relying heavily on GTBank's system.

In a nutshell, Legacy Moniepoint is no longer the primary platform. The use of "Legacy" in the URL indicates it's an older version, now replaced by a newer Moniepoint URL; This is further supported by the copyright year range (2018-2024) which might suggest it's actively updated with ATM.MONIEPOINT.

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