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Moniepoint USSD Code: Registration and Activation Processes

Moniepoint has launched its new unstructured supplementary service data (*5573# USSD) to offers a fast and secure mobile banking without internet.
Moniepoint USSD Code

Moniepoint USSD is a banking services recently launched by Moniepoint MFB to give all Moniepoint users (both individual and business account holders) fast and secure way to carryout banking services such as funds transfer, bill payments, checking of account balance and many more from their mobile phone without the need for internet connection.

The Moniepoint USSD code is *5573#. It's the new Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) service recently introduced by Moniepoint. With the Moniepoint's *5573# USSD code, you can carryout services including; outward funds transfer, airtime and data purchase, inquiry of account balance and details, management of PIN (Both Account and POS), as well as account security measures such as blocking/unblocking access for oneself or your customers and instantly retrieve an OTP code.

The launch of this *5573# USSD code is expected to enhance convenience and accessibility while demonstrating the Moniepoint's dedication to financial inclusion and improving safety and security throughout the digital payment ecosystem in Nigeria. According to Babatunde Olofin, Managing Director at Moniepoint, The Moniepoint USSD Code will enhance mobile banking convenience with an additional security layer, empowering customers to safeguard their accounts, even when utilizing a third-party mobile device.

How to Activate Moniepoint USSD Code

You can simply activate your Moniepoint USSD code for banking purposes by accessing your personal or business app settings and choose 'USSD BANKING'. However, do note that this process is only applicable to existing Moniepoint users. For new users, the USSD banking will be automatically activated by default upon sign up.

However, you can follow these steps to systematically register/activate USSD code banking on your Moniepoint Account:

  1. Login to your Moniepoint mobile app (be it personal banking app or business banking app) and navigate to "Settings". Now, choose "USSD Banking" and toggle ON the feature to activate it.
  2. Secondly, you can activate Moniepoint USSD banking via web by signing-in to "" and navigate to "Settings". Under the settings menu, click on "Security" tab and toggle ON the "USSD Banking" to activate the Moniepoint *5573# USSD Code.

Note: The activation and deactivation process will definitely requires PIN authorization. Hence, you must provide your Moniepoint PIN every time you want enable or disable the USSD banking

Using Moniepoint USSD without ATM Card

Yes, with Moniepoint USSD code, there's no need for a debit ATM card. You can actually use the USSD code to transfer money by dialing *5573# and choose the "Transfer" option, then proceed with the onscreen prompts to complete your transaction. To buy airtime or data, simply dial the code on your registered Moniepoint phone number and "Airtime for myself’ and ‘Airtime for others" options. Then, enter the number you want to recharge and proceed with the following onscreen instructions to complete the purchase.

You can also use the Moniepoint USSD Code to check your account balance. Here's how: dial *5573# on your Moniepoint phone number and select the "Check Balance" option from the menu displayed. Now, follow the onscreen prompts to successfully check your Moniepoint account balance. However, it's important to note that every transactions perform using the USSD banking will require Moniepoint PIN to complete.

Moniepoint USSD Code Not Working [Solved]

If your Moniepoint USSD Code is not working, don't panic. Here are tips you can try to get it fully functioning as expected. But first, there can be a few reasons why your the USSD code isn't working. Here are some steps you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. First of all, double-check that you're dialing the correct USSD code for Moniepoint, which is *5573#.
  2. Make sure you're dialing the USSD code from the mobile number registered with your Moniepoint account. Transactions won't work if you use a different number.
  3. If you're an existing user, ensure the USSD Banking is enabled in your settings via Moniepoint app or web interface as explained above.
  4. Network signal strength can also cause Moniepoint USSD code to not work; a weak network signal can sometimes cause USSD codes to malfunction. So, try moving to an area with a stronger signal and retry.
  5. Lastly, a simple phone restart can often clear up temporary glitches that might be affecting the USSD service.

However, If you've tried all these tips and the USSD code is still not working, you can contact Moniepoint customer support for further assistance. You can contact them via email; or through your in-app chat feature. You can also get in touch through their contact-us page.

In conclusion, Moniepoint MFB has built a robust reputation for its dependable services, renowned for innovation, and a strong dedication to providing value-added financial solutions in the Nigerian banking market. With USSD banking, Moniepoint is providing more accessible opportunities to mobile banking.

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