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Can I use Kuda virtual card on AliExpress

AliExpress is an E-commerce website and Kuda is a Neobank in Nigeria, offering both physical and virtual debit card for ATM, Web and online payment.
Kuda Bank virtual card

Despite the fact that Kuda virtual card is a debit card meant for online transactions, it cannot be used to make payment on the AliExpress online retail store. Why?

Kuda virtual card is an online debit card denominated in Naira. This simply means, it can only be used on websites that accept Naira as their primary currency.

While Kuda Bank Virtual Card cannot be used for making payments on AliExpress, we'd suggest you explore another card (virtual dollar card precisely) or other payment options.

AliExpress Payment Methods for Nigerians

First of all, do you know that you can pay for products on AliExpress website without using a debit/credit card?

In Nigeria, if you don't explore the option of virtual dollar card from Fintechs or domiciliary account's debit card for dollar-related transactions that require debit/credit card, there's no way you can make payment for such goods or services unless the merchant/vendor is accepting another payment methods like cryptocurrencies or third-party platforms that can stand as middlemen between you, your local currency, and the merchant's preferred currency.

AliExpress Payment Methods includes;

  • Credit/Debit Card (Physical and Virtual Card)
  • Bank Transfer (acceptable currencies only)
  • PayPal (eligible countries only)
  • Alipay (China and other eligible regions)
  • WebMoney
  • Western Union

In Nigeria, you can only make use of two payment methods of AliExpress's; Credit/Debit Card and Western Union.

However, to make payment on AliExpress using Debit Card in Nigeria, the card must be denominated in US dollars (USD). To get that type of debit card, it's either you open a domiciliary account and request for it card or create an account with Fintech companies like Chipper Cash, ALAT or Grey.Co and request their VISA or MasterCard Virtual Card.

Once you have any of these cards, you can successfully completed a product purchased on the AliExpress online retail store. But for Kuda Bank Virtual Card, no, it cannot work on AliExpress.

Kuda virtual dollar card

Currently, Kuda Bank does not offer a dollar card (neither physical dollar card nor virtual dollar card) to customers. You can only request a naira MasterCard card on the Kuda Bank App.

You can use Kuda virtual card to make payment on platforms like Spotify, Netflix, Prime Video, Showmax, and all other online platforms where naira Visa and MasterCard cards are accepted.

More so, Kuda Bank has implemented some security festures that safeguard your virtual card from unauthorized access. You can always secure your Card transactions with PIN, fingerprint or your Face ID.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, you cannot use Kuda virtual card to make payment on AliExpress. As a Nigerian, you can only use a card denominated in USD such as domiciliary account's debit card or dollar virtual card to pay for products on AliExpress.

In addition, there's currently no card as "Kuda Bank virtual dollar card," as the neobank do not offer such card at the moment. To get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria, you can explore options like Chipper Cash, Grey, and ALAT.

To get a physical dollar debit card in Nigeria, you can explore options like opening a domiciliary account and request for it debit card and opening a Payoneer Account and request for its MasterCard Dollar Card.

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